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Best ballet dancers and management of the theater Royal Russian Ballet

ANATOLIY KAZATSKIY was born in 1974 in Kharkov.

Prior to joining the Dance College, he studied at the Kharkov Children's Choreographic School in class of Mikhail Satunovskiy, Honored Artist of Russia.

After advice of the teacher, Anatoliy entered Voronezh Choreography College in 1986.

In 1992, after graduating the College, he was invited as a ballet soloist to the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. As an artist, Anatoliy has a wide variety of performing repertoire: Prince, Rothbart, Pas de trois, Jester in the play "Swan Lake", Prince in “Nutcracker”, Prince in the play "Sleeping Beauty", Prince in "Cinderella" (music by Sergey Prokofiev), Prince in the play "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs", Paris in “Romeo and Juliet”, Solor in “La Bayadère”, Basil in “Don Quixote”, Albert in "Giselle", Shakhriyar in "1000 and 1 nights", Hooligan in the play "The Young Lady and the Hooligan", Toreador and Jose in “Carmen Suite”, Bacchus and Pan in “Walpurgis Night”, Lucien in “Paquita”, Young Man in "Les Silfides", Ivan in “The Firebird”, Conrad in "Le Corsaire", and also a variety of classiacal and modern concert pieces: Adagio from the ballets "Spartacus", "Scheherazade", Pas de deux from the ballet "The Flame of Paris", "Hopak" from the play "Taras Bulba", etc.

An invaluable role in Anatoliy’s creative development as artist was played by great ballet masters: Aleksander Kuzmin, Viacheslav Mednikov, Honored Artists of Russia Mikhail Bezubikov and Irina Surneva, Nina Silvestrova, Honored Artist of Ukraine Valentina Markova, People's Artists of Ukraine Svetlana Kolyvanova and Theodor Popescu.

Since 1994, working in the theater, Anatoly has also collaborated with the National Theaters of Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, and since 2001 - with theaters "Imperial Russian Ballet", "National Russian Ballet" of Sergei Radchenko and others, as guest soloist, working with outstanding ballet masters: Honored Artist of Ukraine Varvara Potapova, Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Troshchenko, Galina Shlyapina, Honored Artist of Russia Gediminas Taranda.

 Foreign countries in which Anatoliy successfully toured as performer: USA, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Balkan countries, Central and Latin America, South Africa, Korea, China, UAE, Japan.

In 2004 Anatoliy graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts as director-choreographer (Bachelor). In 2008 he graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Culture as choreographer of classical and modern choreography (Master).

Anatoliy took part in numerous international ballet competitions. Anatoliy is Winner of International Ballet Competition “Serge Lifar” in Kiev in 2002.

He has a number of prizes and awards of the Kharkov city state administration for creative contribution to the cultural development of the city. In 2008, Anatoliy Kazatskiy organized a team of enthusiasts, best artists of Russia and Ukraine "The Royal Russian Ballet".

Since 2012 Anatoliy Kazatskiy joined as Member the “International Dance Council” (Conseil International de la Dance).

Along with leading the Company, Anatoliy still perfectly performs. His talent brightly discovers in different grotesque actor parties.

As a creative person, Anatoliy has a number of hobbies: playing piano and a variety of musical instruments, travelling.

Choreographer VLADIMIR TROSCHENKO was born on August 12, 1954 in Leningrad, the USSR. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Dance named after A. Ya. Vaganova in 1973. He was invited to the post of the leading soloist of the ballet in the Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater. The first debut of Vladimir - Pas de deux in the ballet "Giselle" July 17, 1973. Vladimir participated his first tour with the troupe of the Chuvash Theater in Izhevsk. Further he worked as a guest lead soloist on the stages of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cheboksary, Kazan, Odessa. Vladimir's repertoire includes leading roles in ballets: "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Nutcracker", "La Bayadere", "Giselle", "Don Quixote", etc. 1985 he is awarded a title of HONORED ARTIST of Russia’s autonomous republic Chuvashia. He has toured in more than 20 countries around the world with the famous ballerinas Lyudmila Semenyaka, Galina Mezentseva and Elena Pankova. In 1996 Vladimir performed the leading roles in ballets Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty in a duet with People's Artist of the USSR NADEZHDA PAVLOVA (Bolshoi Theater, Moscow). In 1992 he graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Art as a director and choreographer. He staged ballet performances on the stages of Cheboksary, Voronezh: “Mozart and Salieri” (first production), “Francesca da Rimini”, “Mercedes”, “The Last Step”, “Flight to Shanghai”, “Don Quixote "," Carmen Suite "," Sleeping Beauty "," Zora ". Since 1999 Vladimir is invited as Chief Choreographer of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. In this theater he performed the production: "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Nutcracker", "Lilea". Also he restored the performances: "Don Quixote", "La Bayadere". In the children's theater studio, he staged ballets “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan”. In the year 2004 Vladimir staged ballet "La Bayadere" in Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. He repeatedly performed ballet divertissements for government concerts and reports of the Odessa region in Kiev. He also directed and choreographed benefit performances of People's Artist of Ukraine Natalia Barysheva, Honored Artists of Ukraine Elena Kamensky, Andrei Musorin, Nina Stoyan. 2003-2004 – Vladimir is appointed as Chairman of the State Examination Commission of the Choreographic Department of the School named after K. Dankevich in Odessa. Vladimir has numerous Government awards of Tatarstan, Bashkiria and Chuvashia. In 2007, he was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Governor of Odessa region for merits in the field of choreography. Since 2010 he becomes artistic director and choreographer of the Theater of Russian Classical Ballet in the city of Odessa. Since 2012 he has been cooperating with the Royal Russian Ballet Theater as a choreographer.

MIKHAIL BEZZUBIKOV - Main coach of the theater, Honored Artist of Russia. Mikhail Bezzubikov was born in 1949 in Perm, Russia. After his graduating from Perm State Choreography College in 1968, he was invited to Saratov State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater as Premiere Soloist. During 20 years of his artistic career he worked in ballet troupes of Saratov, Kazan State Theaters (Russia) and Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (Ukraine). He toured a lot with russian ballet dancers in Republics of past Soviet Union, sharing his art to thousands of enthusiastic appreciative audience in hundreds of theaters. Performing repertoire of the artist counts more than 30 main parts of different classical and modern ballets. Most clearly talent and skill of the artist embodied in such parts: Albrekht in “Giselle”, Prince Ziegfrid in “Swan Lake”, Prince Desire in “Sleeping Beauty”, Basil in “Don-Quixote”, Vatslav in “Bakhchisarai’s Fountain”. Mikhail took part in All-Union Ballet Dancers’ Competition in Moscow and in International Ballet Competition in Varna (Bulgaria). Twice he won Diplomas. In 1977 Mikhail Bessubikov awarded with The Honored Artist of Russia title. In 1988 Mikhail begins to share his skill and experience with young dancers in Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater and in Kharkov Ballet College. Since 2001 to 2007 he worked by contract in China, in South Yangtze State University. In 2008 Mikhail joined The Royal Russian Ballet as main coach.

KLYUYEVA IRYNA - THE HONOURED DANCER OF UKRAINE. Principal dancer. In 2001 has finished the Kharkov choreographic college in class of famous ballet dancers, People’s Artists of USSR Teodor Popesku and Svetlana Kolivanova. From 2001 - soloist dancer in Kharkov Opera House. In 2002 took classes in Vienna Opera House. In 2003 Took diploma on the International competition "PREMIO ROMA". From 2004 Principal dancer in Kharkov National Opera House. Repertoire: principal in «Swan lake», «The sleeping beauty» , "Nutcracker", «Paquita», " Bayadere", "Don Quihot", "1001 Night", " Romeo and Juliette", "Karmen", "Giselle". Touring: USA, Europe (Italy, Spain, Sweetzerland, Romania, Belgium,Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain), China, South Africa, South America.

ALENA KONDRATIEVA - was born in 1986. In 2005 she graduated from Dan’kevitch Odessa State Art  and Culture College. Her main teacher was famous Ukraine ballerina People Artist of Ukraine Natalia Barysheva. Since 2004 Alena works in Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre as Prime Ballerina. Alena ‘s repertoire: Clara in “Nutcracker”, Princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”, Giselle, Girl in “Les Silphides”, “Valpurghis Night”, “La Silfide”. Also she performs Pas de deux from these ballets, Pas de deuxs from “Don-Quixot”, “Le Corsaire” and several contemporary compositions as concert pieces. She tours a lot in such countries as: Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Romania, France, Greece, Tunisia, Netherlands, USA and Canada. Alena was taking part in IBCs: SERGE LIFAR IBC – 2004  in Kyiv, YURII GRIGOROVITCH IBC-2004  in Sochi. In 2005 Alena Kondratieva owned “YOUNG TALENT” Odessa Municipal Special Prize.    


Аlena Shevtsova Was born in 1982 in Kharkov. At the age of 5 years entered to Kharkov Ballet School. After finishing the school in 1997 she continued her education in Kharkov Ballet Colledge in 1998-2001 in class of Svetlana Kolyvanova and Teodor Popesku, Honored Artist's of Ukraine. After colledge graduation in 2001 she joined ballet company of Kharkov National Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 2003 she took professional courses in San Petersburg from Alla Osipenko. At present Olena is the etoile dancer. She plays the principal roles in the repertoire of the company. Repertoire: Odette/Odile -The SwanLake, P.Tchaikovsky, Giselle ( “Giselle”, A.Adan), Aurora, Lilac Fairy ( “ The Sleeping Beauty”, P.Tchaikovsky), Nikiya (“La Bayadere”, L.Minkus), Carmen (“Carmen-suite”, Bizett-Shedrin), Paquita (Grand pas “Paquita”, L.Minkus), Sheherezade (“1000 and 1 night”, F.Amirov), Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”, P.Tchaikovsky), Cinderella (“Cinderella”, I. Shtraus), The Chosen One ("The Rite of the Spring” by I.Stravinsky), Lady ( “The Lady and the Hooligan”, Shostakovich), Sylphide (“Silphides” , F.Chopen), Queen “The Snow White”, P.Pavlovsky), Queen of dreads and Grand pas (“Don quijote”, L.Minkus). Concert program: “The Spring Waters” by Rachmaninoff, K.Gluk “Melody”, I.Albenis “Asturia”, “Las Chiapanecas'” by Woody Herman, “The Dying Swan“ by Sen-Sans and others. Her dance is very expressive and graceful; she has high jump, stable rotation and bright artistic personality. Awards: She was a winner of National prize for gifted creative young people. Prizewinner of Nijinsky Second Festival in 2005 in Russia. Tours: Elena performed with the ballet company of Kharkov National Opera and Ballet Theatre and as the guest soloist with other ballet companies in Spain, Great Britain, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.?

KHANDAZHEVSKIY ANATOLII - Principal dancer. In 2009 finished Kiev Choreographic College. From 2009 soloist dancer in Donetsk Opera House. Since 2010 principal dancer in Kharkov Opera House. Repertoire: principal in «Swan lake», «The sleeping beauty», "Nutcracker",
«Paquita», "Coppelia", "Don Quihot", "1001 Night", "Romeo and Juliette", "Cinderella", "Karmen". Touring: Europe (Italy, Spain, Sweetzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands,) China, South Africa, South America.

Solomon Hamaganov Born in 1981 in Angarsk, Irkutsk region. In 1999 graduated from the Buryat State Choreographic School, with specialty Classical Dance. Class leader Mooruev. Was invited to the State Theatre of Choreographic Miniatures L.Yakobsona under A.A. Makarov leadership. Repertoire: Prince ("Nutcracker"), Batyr ("Shuraleh") Count Cherry, Prince, Lemon ("Cipollino"), Youth ("Les Sylphides"), Gans ("Giselle"), Rothbart ("Swan Lake"), Modern compositions of V.Gordeev, Pas de deux from the ballet "Le Corsaire" (Ali), Pas de deux from the ballet Don Quixote, Pas de deux from the ballet "Giselle" (Albert). Tours: USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, the European Union.


Natalia Kazatska. Born in 1986 in Frunze, Kyrgyzstan.
In 2006 she graduated from the Kharkov State Culture College. Specialty - a ballet dancer and teacher. Since 2003 a trainee, from 2006 - soloist of the Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M. Lysenko. Repertoire of Natalia: Masha - "The Nutcracker", Mercedes - "Don Quixote", Pas de trois – “Swan Lake”, Pas d'action – “La Bayadere”, Adagio – “Scheherazade”, Adagio - «Spartacus», Lady - "Lady and the Hooligan." Since 2008 - soloist of the Royal Russian Ballet. Natalie toured in foreign countries: USA, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Latin America.

Hendrik Natalia - Born on 27.07.1976. in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studied at the Kharkov children's ballet school from 1982 to 1993. In 1997 she graduated from Kharkov State College of Culture, People's Artist of Ukraine class Svetlana Kolyvanova-Popescu. In 1997 she was invited to work at the Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, where she works to this day as ballet soloist of the highest category. Participated in all the ballet performances of the theater.
Leading the parties: Giselle ("Giselle"), Myrtle ("Giselle"), Nikia ("La Bayadere"), Chopiniana, Nurida ("1001 Nights"), Firebird ("Horse-gorbunek"), Beauty ("Firebird"), The Chosen One ("The Rite of Spring"), Juliet ("Romeo and Juliet")
Girl ("Rose") "Symphonic Dances." Participated tours in England, Scotland, Japan, the U.S., South Korea, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Russia.

Gorbatenko Alexey was born in 1989 in Yeisk town of Russia. He was studied in Krasnodar Ballet School since 2003 to 2008 years. Aleksey took part in many ballet competitions and have Diploma of First Grade of the one, which had place in Kazan city in 2008. As soloist of ballet, Alexey danced in lot of countries such as France, Switzerland, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Spain and many others. The most important parties, which he danced are: "Gopak"(from ballet "Taras Bulba"), "Kan-kan", Russian dance in ballet "Nutcracker", solo parties in ballet "Romeo and Juliet" and "Don Quixote".

KARYNA SHATKOVSKAYA was born in 1984 in Kharkov, Ukraine. In 2000 she graduated from Kharkov State Culture College as professional Ballet Dancer. In 2000 Karina won 2nd Prize of International Ballet Competition "Fouette of Artek". In 2001 Karina won Prize of "Ballet Youth" International Ballet Competition in Kharkov, Ukraine. Since 2008 - works as a soloist in the Royal Russian Ballet. Karyna's repertoire: Princess Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty", Clara in "Nutcracker", Nikia in "La Bayadere", Kitry in "Don-Quixote", Silfide in "Les Silfides", Snow White in "Snow White and 7 Dwarts", Swanilde in "Coppelia", Paquita in "Paquita", Carmen in "Carmen-suite", Pas-de-deux from "Swan Lake", "Sheherezade", "Le Corsaire" and several concert pieces. Karyna toured a lot in European countries and USA.



VLADIMIR TKACHENKO was born in 1987 october, 31 in Kharkov, Ukraine. In 2006 graduated from Perm Ballet School. After graduation he was invited to Cremlin ballet, Moscow, Russia, where danced: Chinese dance (Nutcracker), Quasimodo (Esmeralda), Arabian dance (Ruslan and Ludmila), Joker (Swan Lake). Since 2008 Vladimir works as a soloist in the Royal Russian Ballet. Repertoire: Franz (Coppelia), Basil (Don Quixote), Prince (Nutcracker), Prince (Snow White & 7 Dwarts), Goldman (La Bayadere), Joker (Swan Lake), Vladimir had taken part in Astana Ballet Competition, where got a diploma. He had taken part in tours through China, England, Europe.



VLADIMIR BORISOV was born Dec. 13, 1986 in Odessa, Ukraine. He graduated from Kiev Choreographic College in 2008. Vladimir's repertoire - "Swan Lake" Joker, "Raymonda" Grand Pas Four Cavalier, "Esmeralda" Kings, "Walpurgis Night" Pan, "The Nutcracker" Chinese and Fritz, "Underground" solo, "Ferochi Partita" deuce, "Romeo and Juliet" Benvolio, "Thumbelina" Elf, "Hopak" (Ukraine dance"), "Flower Festival". "Pas d'esclaf from "Le Corsaire". Competitions: "Odessa Ballet" - the first place, "Youth Ballet" - a diploma, "Serge Lifar" - diploma. The tours - USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Serbia, Portugal, Tunisia. Since 2008 Vladimir works as a soloist in the Royal Russian Ballet.


ANTONINA RADIEVSKAIA was born in 1982. She graduated from Kharkov Culture College in 2001. Her main teachers were famous dancers People Artists of Ukraine Svetlana Kolivanova and Teodor Popesku. In 2001 Antonina started her career as teacher of choreography in Kharkov Art Liceum. In 2008 Antonina graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Choreography as Magister of Choreography. Repertoire: Kitry in "Don-Quixote", Princess Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty", Clara in "Nutcracker", Giselle in "Giselle", Lady in "The Hooligan and Lady", Snow White in "Snow White & 7 Elves", Paquita in "Paquita", Firebird in "The Firebird", Girl in "Le Spectre de la Rose", Svanilde in "Coppelia" and "Tarantella" as concert piece. Antonina took part in "Cristal Shoe" International Ballet Competition in Kharkov. Antonina tours a lot in foreign countries. From 2008 until the present time, Antonina worked as a soloist in the Royal Russian Ballet. 



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