Royal Russian Ballet

Королевский Русский Балет в поисках импресарио


In the universe of the world choreographic art, the Russian classical ballet presents the brightest galaxy of the greatest star masters - the dancers, choreographers, composers, stage designers who for three hundred years used to create a unique style, spirit, school traditions of the Russian classical ballet and its great, invaluable heritage.


The purpose for the creation of Royal Russian Ballet theater is the need and the strive for the support of the best traditions of inimitable Russian Ballet, as well as for its creative development and wide promotion around the world.


The first tour of the new troupe across the cities of the Republic of Crimea in July, 2008 proved to be a truly successful debut and the beginning of history of the theater. The local enthusiastic audience more than welcomed the presentation of "Giselle" and a number of gala concerts of ballet artists and principal dancers from the top theaters of Russia and Ukraine.


Later on, the theater enjoyed the success, having presented its art of dance in 12 countries of Latin America. Further on, the audience of the USA and Canada, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and China got the chance to appreciate the dancing art of the members of our troupe.


The repertory of our theater lists the following ballets: "Swan Lake", "The Nutcracker", “Sleeping Beauty”,  "Giselle", "Don Quijote", "Romeo and Juliette". The gala concerts of the principal dancers of our troupe represent a wider choice of the most famous fragments from classical ballets and astonishing pieces of modern choreography.


The original founder and the artistic director of the theater is Anatoly Kazatsky, the winner of the international contests, the principal dancer of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet House.


The leading tutor teacher of the troupe is Mikhail Bezzubikov, the Honored Artist of Russia, a graduate from the Perm State Choreographic School, recognized as the exemplary standard of the Russian Ballet School, together with the Moscow School and the Vaganova School (Saint-Petersburg).


The ballet masters, cooperating with the theater, are the featured choreographers who have staged all our ballet performances, the graduates from the widely known Moscow GITIS (at present - Russian Academy of Theater Art): Andrey Litvinov, the People's Artist of Moldova, and Vladimir Troschenko, the Honored Artist of Russia.


The ballet artists and principal dancers of our troupe are the graduates from different choreographic schools in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, whose life priority is a continuous creative growth, discipline and perfect result from their work, aiming to present each and every performance at the highest level. The team of the troupe is quite international - the same way as is the international language of the ballet, understandable to anyone all over the world. The members of our troupe are brought together with one general thing – a genuine, sincere love to the ballet.


Year by year, keeping on staging more and more new dance performances, with a great enthusiasm and a proven success, our theater has been keen on accomplishing its mission: to revive, to support and to promote the best traditions of the Russian Ballet around the world.


To our audience


       We thank with all our grateful hearts all our spectators, who used to visit our performances during all our ballet tours. We really need and appreciate your support – it joys up our dancers with new forces, aspiration and self-confidence. Please be assured - we will always welcome you!

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To international art promoters, impresarios and philanthropists


       Our theater looks forward to starting a mutually beneficial cooperation. You are more than invited to take part in the ballet art promotion worldwide and in the popularization of Russian ballet traditions. We are ready to consider well any decent tour proposal from your part.


To ballet dancers

       We are looking for young, talented, ambitious ballet dancers for the fruitful and full of life creative artwork.